Tier List For NieR Reincarnation With The Best Characters In The Game

 Tier List For NieR Reincarnation With The Best Characters In The Game

NieR Reincarnation has been released recently, giving players a new RPG experience that combines immersive storytelling and narrative, with the standard gacha elements we've come to appreciate. And as a result, while the game will be familiar to those players who have already spent a lot of time with other gacha games, it will also give us a pleasant surprise with its good story. In fact, we've frequently found ourselves returning to the game not just to grind and complete daily quests, but to see what happens next in the story. And if a mobile game manages to captivate us with its plot, then it must be doing something right, right?

In any case, its great story aside, NieR Reincarnation is still a gacha game to the core. Most of its gameplay is focused on engaging in real-time battles to complete tasks and quests so that enough resources can be obtained to unlock characters through the gacha summon system. All characters in the game have their own attributes and abilities, with some being better than others. However, the best characters, as usual, are the most difficult to obtain, considering that there are very low chances of obtaining them from standard summons.

Tier List For NieR Reincarnation With The Best Characters In The Game

However, despite these difficulties, NieR Reincarnation is a reroll-friendly game that gives players plenty of resources to facilitate early summons for those looking to get the best characters early on. However, in a game with over 50 characters at launch, how do we know which ones are good and which ones we should avoid? Well, in this tier list for NieR Reincarnation, we are going to tell precisely which characters to get in this gacha RPG, and which ones to skip, especially if you are rerolling.

If you are looking for the best characters in NieR Reincarnation, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading!

Tier S

The characters that you absolutely must have are in this category. Whether they shine for their offensive potentials, utility, or defensive attributes, the characters in this category are the best in NieR Reincarnation right now. If you're rerolling this game, you should aim to unlock at least two of these champions early on.

Tier List For NieR Reincarnation With The Best Characters In The Game


The iconic android and protagonist of NieR: Automata makes an appearance in NieR Reincarnation at a collaboration event at the launch of the game. 2B is an excellent speedy DPS character who can boost her speed even more with personal buffs. This character shines due to the fact that her Character Skill meter charges faster than normal, allowing her to use her Character Skill faster than others. This means that 2B can potentially pick off a few enemies before they have a chance to act.


Another character from NieR: Automata coming to NieR Reincarnation in the collaboration event. A2 shines for her great offensive potential, which is significantly higher than the others due to the fact that she can increase her own chance to critically hit. These personal buffs make her critical hit so frequently that she can essentially double her damage for no additional cost. A2, however, is quite fragile and doesn't have much HP. However, due to her high damage, she can easily destroy enemies, reducing the damage they deal, as dead enemies cannot deal damage.

Tier A

While not necessarily inferior to their Tier S counterparts, heroes in this category often require assistance to bring out their full potential, and can't deal as much with enemies on their own as characters in the tier above. However, you'll want to unlock at least one of the following characters as they complement stronger units very well.

Tier List For NieR Reincarnation With The Best Characters In The Game


The third and final character of the collaboration event with NieR: Automata, who also happens to be one of its protagonists. In contrast to the other two, 9S is not as strong, but has plenty of HP and defense to survive quite a few attacks. 9S's strength, however, comes from the fact that his abilities add quite a bit to the current combo chain. And while he can't do much damage on his own, he can put together combos that increase other characters' damage immensely. This fact is evidenced by a buff that 9S can place, which increases the damage done by consecutive attacks, which further increases his support potential.


If you can't get 9S from gacha, and you have Fio available, keep her ready—although she's not as useful in terms of increasing the offensive potential of others, Fio is a good support, who happens to be just as durable as 9S as well.


Although he definitely shows off his high attack and agility, he is not as strong as A2. Also, while he can easily do a lot of damage on his own, his Character Skill is actually a buff that can increase the attack of the entire party. This support ability, combined with the fact that his high agility doesn't lend itself to combo play, make Gayle a good addition to any team, but he should be replaced by one of the characters in Tier S from be possible.

Tier B

Although the characters in this tier aren't bad, you're going to want to swap them out sooner rather than later for something better.

Tier List For NieR Reincarnation With The Best Characters In The Game


This character does not stand out in any aspect. His attributes are pretty average and nothing outstanding. However, Argo uses spears as his weapon of choice, which makes him good at boosting combo meter. Apart from this, he will be better for you to replace him as soon as possible with someone better.


This character is a mixed bag when it comes to effectiveness. Although his healing abilities will come in handy if you struggle with a particular challenge, the meta in NieR Reincarnation currently focuses on offense over defense. In this sense, although F66x can help you, the fact that you need his help could mean that the rest of your team lacks in some aspect, and that you might want to reroll for better units. However, never underestimate the usefulness of a healer—if you already have a few good characters, and manage to unlock F66x, keep her upgraded and use her as your dedicated support for the harder levels.

Tier List For NieR Reincarnation With The Best Characters In The Game

The characters we have mentioned here are just seven of the units available in NieR Reincarnation at launch. However, if you take a look at what each of these characters offers, you can get an idea of ​​what the meta of this game is about, and create your own strategies.

The game is still very young, so you can probably set your own goal as the game evolves. And with that being said, leave us your picks for the best characters in NieR Reincarnation in the section below.

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